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Sfauemfor, 195B 


University of Texas 





Incorporated July 18, 1919, under the laws of the 
District of Columbia 


We, Mary B. Poppenheim, Sarah Lee Parry, Julia Neason Streater, 
Carolyn Snowden Fahnestock, Cordelia Powell Odenheimer, Janet Wea- 
ver Randolph, and Harriot Stoddert Turner, all of whom are citizens 
of the United States, the said Mary B. Popenheim being a citizen of the 
State of South Carolina, the said Sarah Lee Parry being a citizen of the 
State of Missouri, and the said Janet Weaver Randolph being a citizen 
of the state of Virginia, and the said Julia Neason Streater, Carolyn 
Snowden Fahnestock, Cordelia Powell Odenheimer, and Harriot Stoddert 
Turner being citizens of the District of Columbia, do hereby certify that, 
pursuant to Sub-charter III of the Chapter XVIII of the Code of Law 
for the District of Columbia, we have formed ourselves into a society or 
body corporate, and do further certify as follows: 

First, The name or title by which said Society shall be known in law 
is "United Daughters of the Confederacy." 

Second. The purpose for which the said Society is organized is per- 

Third. The business and objects of the Society are historical, benev- 
olent, educational, and social— to honor the memory of those who served 
and those who fell in the service of the Confederate States; to protect, 
preserve, and mark the places made historic by Confederate valor; to 
collect and preserve the material for a truthful history of the War 
Between the States; to record the part taken by Southern women in 
patient endurance of hardship and patriotic devotion during the struggle, 
as in untiring efforts after the war during the reconstruction of the 
South; to fulfill the sacred duty of benevolence towards the survivors 
and toward those dependent upon them; to assist descendants of worthy 
Confederates in securing proper education and to cherish the ties of 
friendship among the members of the Organization. 

Fourth. The number of its trustees, directors, or managers for the first 
year of its existence is seven and consists of the said Mary B. Poppen- 
heim, Sarah Lee Parry, Julia Neason Streater, Carolyn Snowden Fahne- 
stock, Cordelia Powell Odenheimer, Janet Weaver Randolph, and Harriot 
Stoddert Turner. 

GIVEN under our hands and seals this twentieth day of April, A. D,, 

Mary B. Poppenheim, 
Sarah Lee Parry, 
Julia Neason Streater, 
Carolyn Snowden Fahnestock, 
Cordelia Powell Odenheimer, 
Janet Weaver Randolph, 

(Mrs. N. VJ 
Harriot S. Turner, 











2.01 THE OBJECTS of this organization shall be Historical, Educa- 
tional, Benevolent, Memorial and Social, as set forth in the Articles of 
Incorporation, July 18, 1919. 


3.01 Those ELIGIBLE for membership are women not less than 16 
years of age who are lineal or collateral descendants of men and 
women who served honorably in the Army, Navy, or Civil Service of 
the Confederate States of America, or gave material aid to the cause; 
and women who are lineal descendants of members or former members 
of the organization provided applicant is personally acceptable to the 

3.02 PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY may be obtained from the following 

1. State Departments of Archives and History, Confederate 

Records and Pensions. 

2. State Historical Societies. 

3. General Services Administration, National Archives and Re- 

cords Service, Washington, D. C. 

4. XI. D. C, Business Office— Records from registered applications 

and from Veterans' Files. 

5. Certified copy of an application for membership signed by 

two Confederate Veterans, 

6. An authoritative publication. Give name of author, volume 

and page number, year of publication, location of library. 

7. Certified data from tombstone. Give location, and enclose 

photograph if possible. 
3. Certified copy of Confederate ancestor's pension application. 
9. Certified records from Confederate Veterans Camps, and Sons 
of Confederate Veterans Camps. 
10. Certified copy of ancestor's Cross of Honor application. 
(Applicant must furnish certified proof of her relation to Veteran,) 


4.01. CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP. Members may be active, associate 
and honorary members of chapters. 

A. ACTIVE MEMBERS OF CHAPTERS. Only active members of 
chapters shall have the privilege of voting, holding office, serving on 
committees, being elected delegates or alternates to Division or General 
Conventions, and be listed on the chapter roll sent to Division Treas- 
urer or to Treasurer-General. 

bers <>f chapters may become associate members of another chapter, 
pitying associate dues as prescribed by the local chapter, 

in.m.v I "iry members as they desire. These men or women may 

be those unable to prove eligibility for active membership, or active 
members of other chapters who have assisted in organizing a new 
chapter^ or who have done outstanding service in some way to the 
United Daughters of the Confederacy. Dues shall be prescribed by the 
chapter by-laws. 

may be conferred upon a man or woman in recognition of valued service 
to the United Daughters of the Confederacy, or in recognition of dis- 
tinguished service in the preservation of the truths of Confederate 
History. The number of Honorary Associate Members of General shall 
at no time exceed three. 

Names of nominees for this honor shall be recommended by the 
Executive Committee to the Executive Board, and a summary of nomi- 
nee's service and qualifications for this high honor shall be presented 
to the Convention before vote by the assembly. 

4.03 ADMISSION TO MEMBERSHIP shall be through a chapter. 

A. An applicant for MEMBERSHIP THROUGH A CHAPTER shall 
be endorsed by two members of the chapter in good standing to whom 
the applicant is personally known. She shall be accepted for membership 
as prescribed in the chapter by-laws and shall be sent application blanks 
in triplicate. 

The applicant shall fill out three U. D. C. application blanks, giving 
full name of Confederate ancestor or relative with authentic proof 
of his service and have papers notarized with seal. 

The completed applications shall be returned to chapter registrar, 
accompanied by the required fees and dues, and after being properly 
signed and dated by chapter officers, shall be sent to the Registrar- 
General through the Division Registrar. (Refer 10.02) 

If the application is approved, the member shall be registered; one 
copy of application being filed in the Business Office, and two copies 
returned to Division Registrar who shall file one copy and return one 
copy to Chapter Registrar. This shall constitute notice of enrollment. 

In chapters where there is no Division, the chapter registrar shall 
send papers, fees and dues to the Registrar-General. 

A member admitted after Sept, 1 shall be counted in the following 

4.04 REFUNDS. If applications are not approved, all fees and dues 
shall be returned to the applicant, with the exception of $1.00 to cover 
costs of mailing. Chapters may reimburse the applicant in full. 

4.05 CERTIFICATES. Each registered member shall be entitled to a 
Certificate of Membership, duly attested by the President-General and 
Registrar-General, to which shall be attached the Seal of the United 
Daughters of the Confederacy. 

Signatures on all certificates shall be of those holding office on the 
date of acceptance of the applicant into membership. 

Certificates shall be forwarded from the Business Office to Division 
Presidents for signature, thence to Chapter Presidents, before presenta- 
tion to the member. 

Copies of certificates may be obtained from the Business Office for 
a fee of $1.00 and shall be marked "Copy", 

4.06 SUPPLEMENTAL PAPERS, A member wishing to be registered 
on more than one line shall fill out application papers in triplicate for 
each ancestor as in 4.03. (Refer to 10.07) 


A. Any registered member in good standing may be transferred 
from one chapter to another. Upon request to her chapter she shall 
be given transfer papers in triplicate copied from her application or 
previous transfer. These must be presented within three months to the 
chapter to which she wishes to transfer. 

Transfers shall be handled in the same way as application papers. 
(4.03). (Division Registrar shall issue transfer if refused by Chapter). 

A member transferring after September 1st shall pay dues for the 
coming year through the new chapter. 

B. A young woman member of the Children of the Confederacy, 
16 years or older, may transfer to a chapter of the United Daughters 
of the Confederacy (Refer to 10.04 for details of fees and dues). The 
transfer papers in triplicate shall be filled out by the chapter from 
which she is transferring, sent to Business Office for verification, thence 
to Third Vice President -General for signature before presentation to 
the chapter she wishes to join. (4,09, 4.10) 


A, A member having resigned in good standing from an active 
chapter may be reinstated by paying the current year's dues, provided 
the resignation was reported to the Treasurer- General. 

E. Member dropped for non-payment of dues may be reinstated 
upon payment of one year's back dues, the current year's dues, plus a 
reinstatement fee. (Refer to 10.06 B) 

4.09 MEMBERS OF INACTIVE CHAPTERS. When a chapter becomes 
inactive, members in good standing may be transferred to an active 
chapter upon request to the Division Registrar, 

4.10 MEMBERS OF DISBANDING CHAPTERS. When a chapter dis- 
bands, members in good standing may transfer to an active chapter, 
transfers to be marked "Chapter Disbanding", upon request to Division 

In chapters where there is no Division, the Business Office shall 
issue transfers to members of inactive and disbanding chapters* 

4.11 TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP by death or otherwise, shall 
terminate interest of member in the property of the General Organi- 
zation, the Division and the chapter. 


5.01 The OFFICERS Of this organization shall be: a President-General, 
a First Vice President-General, a Second Vice President-General, a 
Third Vice President-General, a Recording Secretary-General, a Treas- 
urer-General, an Historian-General, a Registrar-General and a Re- 
corder-General of Crosses of Military Service, 

5.02 ELIGIBILITY. To be eligible for a General Office, a member 
shall have been a member of the General Organization for at least five 
years, shall have served as a Division President, or in a similar capa- 
city as a Division officer, or President of a chapter where no division, 
and shall have attended three General Conventions during the previous 
five years. 

No officer shall be eligible for the same office for two successive 
terms, and no officer shall be eligible for another office until the ex- 
piration of at least one year, except for the offices of First Vice Presi- 
dent-General and President-General. To be eligible for the office of 
I 'resident-General, a member shall have served at least, two years in 
one ol the General offices. 

No member shall hold two elective offices at the same time in the 
C ii ni'ial Organization. 

B.03 ANNOUNCEMENT FOR OFFICE. No member shall announce or 
hr announced for a General office prior to adjournment of the Conven- 
1 1 - < ■ i preceding the Convention at which the election of officers is to 

be held, 

5.04 HONORARY PRESIDENTS, in recognition of valuable service to 
the General Organization by members who have not served as Presi- 
dent-General, the office of Honorary President may be conferred for 
life at any General Convention by a majority vote. The number of 
Honorary Presidents shall not exceed fifteen at any one time. 

Nominees shall be recommended by the Executive Committee to 
the Executive Board and a summary of the nominees' service shall be 
presented to the Convention before vote of the assmbly. 

5.05 HONORARY PRESIDENT -GENERAL. The office of Honorary 
President-General shall remain vacant as a memorial to Mrs, Jefferson 
Davis, wife of the President of the Confederate States of America. 


6.01. NOMINATIONS of candidates for General offices shall be made 
from the floor at General Conventions, nominating speeches to be 
limited to four minutes and only one second to the nomination allowed. 

6.02. ELECTIONS. The officers of the General Organization shall be 
elected every two years beginning in I960, A majority vote shall con- 
stitute an election. The election shall be viva voce unless there is more 
than one candidate for an office, in which case the election shall be by 
written ballot. 

Three tellers shall be nominated and elected from the floor (not 
more than one shall be nominated by the same member) and each candi- 
date shall name a watcher at the polls and for the counting" of the 
ballots. (Refer to Convention Standing Rules.) 

Elections shall be held on the morning of the final day of Conven- 
tion and shall be the first order of business following the reading of the 
minutes and the final report of the Credentials Committee. Installation 
ceremony shall be held the final evening of the Convention. 

6.03. TERM OF OFFICE, Officers of the General Organization shall 
hold office for a term of two years, beginning in 1960, or until their suc- 
cessors are elected and installed, 

6.04. VACANCIES IN OFFICE. If the office of President- General be- 
comes vacant, the First Vice President General shall become President- 
General. Vacancies in other offices shall be filled by appointment by the 
President-General, with approval by the Executive Committee, 


7.01. The officers of the General Organization shall perform the duties 
prescribed in this article, and such others as may be required by the 
Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws of the General Organization, 
the General Convention, the Executive Committee, the Executive Board, 

or the parliamentary authority adopted by the General Convention. 

7.02. PRESIDENT-GENERAL. She shall be the chief executive officer, 
the official spokesman of the Organization, and shall have general 
supervision of the affairs of the organization. She shall preside at all 
meetings of the General Organization, the Executive Committee and 
the Executive Board. 

She shall appoint all committees authorized by the by-laws and 
the Convention, and with the approval of the Executive Committee or 
the Executive Board, she shall appoint such Special Committees as may 
be necessary to carry on the work of the organization. 

She shall fill vacancies occurring in office (6.04), sign all orders 
on the treasury, countersign all checks, sign all contracts (10.09 G). 

The President-General shall have direction of the Business Office, 
the Memorial Building Properties and be ex -officio member of all 

7.03. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT-GENERAL. She shall assist the Presi- 
dent-General in the discharge of her duties and in her absence, she 

shall assume the duties and responsibilities pertaining to the office of 
President-General. In the event of the death or resignation of the 
President-General, she shall succeed to that office. 

She shall be custodian of the official insignia, pins, bars, medals 
and ribbons, and shall issue same on requisition of Division First Vice 
Presidents or Chapter First Vice Presidents where there is no Division. 

She shall renew the patent for the official insignia each 14 years 
dating from 1957. 

7.04. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT-GENERAL. She shall be the direc- 
tor of all Education work and chairman of the Education Committee. 

She shall be governed by the Rules on Scholarship Awards which 
shall conform to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. 

She shall keep a record of all scholarships, a record of all notes and 
other evidences of indebtedness connected with scholarship loans, and 
take such action as may be necessary to collect same. 

She shall forward all payments to the Treasurer-General. 

7.05. THIRD VICE PRESIDENT-GENERAL. She shall be the Director 
of the Children of the Confederacy, auxiliary to the United Daughters 
of the Confederacy, 

She shall sign all orders on the Children of the Confederacy treas- 
ury, countersign all checks, sign all Charters and Certificates of Mem- 
bership; sign all transfers to the United Daughters of the Confederacy; 
approve all appointments and have general supervision of all officers 
and committees of the Children of the Confederacy. 

She shall arrange for and supervise the Annual Convention of the 
Children of the Confederacy. 

7.06. RECORDING SECRETARY- GENERAL. She shall keep records 
of the proceedings of the meetings of the General Organization-the 
Annual Convention, Executive Committee, Executive Board-and shall 
provide the- President-General with copies of the minutes and all reports 
immediately following the Annual Convention, 

She shall be responsible for sending out the Annual Convention Call 
and notices of Executive Committee and Executive Board meetings. 
She shall be responsible for compiling and publishing the General 
Minute Book at the close of her term of office. She and the President- 
General shall edit such copy to comply with the by-laws and standing 
rules. Bids shall be secured from at least three printers. 

She shall issue Charters and assign numbers to new chapters. She 
shall co-sign all contracts. (Refer 9.02.) 

7.07. TREASURER-GENERAL. She shall be the financial agent of the 
organization; shall receive all monies and sign all checks, countersigned 
by the President-General or the First Vice President-General. (7.03) 

She shall deposit all monies of the organization in the name of the 
United Daughters of the Confederacy in such national banks, members 
of the Federal Reserve System, located in the City of Richmond. Vir- 
ginia, as designated by the Executive Committee. She shall issue re- 
ceipts for all monies and her books and papers shall be open at all 
times to the General Officers and the Finance Committee, 

She shall send monthly reports through the Business Office to the 
President-General and the Finance Chairman and shall send copies of 
receipts for funds received to the President-General, Finance Chair- 
man and Business Office. 

She shall be bonded in an amount not to exceed $10,000,00 on a 
schedule bond with other officers, chairmen and employees who may 
receive monies for the organization. 

She shall send notices as of May 15th each year of delinquent 
chapters and members. 

She shall be a member, ex-of£icio, of the Finance Committee, and 
.'.IkiII co-sign all contracts. 


\ Books of the Treasurer-General shall be closed for audit by Sep- 
tember 30. 

7.08. REGISTRAR-GENERAL. She shall approve all applications for 
membership which shall comply with the by-laws. (Refer Article IV, 

She shall receive monies for Initiation fees and Certificates and 
deposit same in a special UDC account in a national bank, and send 
monthly remittances to the Treasurer-General, together with a report 
on approved blanks, alphabetically arranged by Divisions, with copy 
to the Business Office. She shall also send to the Business Office one copy 
of each approved application and transfer. 

She shall keep a record by Divisions of number of applications 
accepted or rejected; number of new members between the ages of 16 
and 25; and number of transfers. 

7.09. HISTORIAN-GENERAL. She shall supervise the work of Divi- 
sion and Chapter Historians, prepare a yearly study program, this out- 
line to be printed in the U. D. C. Magazine. 

She shall write a monthly article for the magazine. 

She shall promote the writing of essays and endeavor to create 
interest in and promote the study and writing of the impartial history 
of the Confederate States of America. 

With the approval of the President- General, she shall plan the 
program for Historical Evening at the Annual Convention and preside 
over same. (Refer to Convention Standing Rules.) 

ICE. She shall have charge of all Crosses of Service. Her duties shall 
be as outlined in the Rules Governing the Bestowal of these awards. 

She shall receive monies for Crosses and deposit same in a special 
U. D. C. account in a national bank, and send monthly report and re- 
mittance to the Treasurer -General. 

She shall assist the President- General in the Bestowal of Crosses 
at the Annual Convention. 


8.01. STANDING COMMITTEES. There shall be the following Stand- 
ing Committees; 1. Executive Committee. 2. Executive Board. 3. By-Laws. 
4. Children of the Confederacy. 5. Convention. 6. Correct Use of the 
Confederate Flags. 7. Credentials. 8. Education. 9. Finance. 10. History, 
11, Jefferson Davis Highway. 12. Magazine. 13. Memorial. 14. Mrs. 
Norman V. Randolph Relief Fund. 15. Mrs. Simon Baruch University- 
Award. 16. New Business. 17. Organization of New Chapters and Divi- 
sions. 18. Policy. 19. Preservation of Confederate Records. 20. Press. 
21. Radio and TV. 22. Southern Literature. 23. Southern Poets. Their 
duties are implied by their names. 

3.02. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. This committee shall be composed 
of the General Officers and shall have charge of the affairs of the 
Organization in the interim between meetings of the Executive Board 
and the Annual Convention. It shall have supervision and control of 
all the properties of the Organization, and shall procure copyrights 
on such publications as are intended for sale in the name of the organ- 
ization. (Refer to Article XV.) 

The Executive Committee shall meet before and at the close of 
each Annual Convention and upon call of the President-General. Four 
members shall constitiute a quorum. 

8.03. EXECUTIVE BOARD. This board shall be composed of the 
General Officers, the Ex-Presidents-General, the Honorary Presidents, 
Division Presidents, Chairmen of Standing Committees and Presidents 
of chapters where no Division. 

The board shall have authority over the affairs of the organization 

during the interim between conventions and shall meet at least once 
during the Annual Convention, and at least once during the interim, 
preferably in March, at the Memorial Headquarters Building. 

8.04. BY-LAWS. This committee shall consist of three members to each 
v of whom shall be submitted 30 days before such amendments or by- 
Taws are to be presented to the Division or Chapter, copies of proposed 

by-laws and amendments for approval before adoption. 

On the years when amendments to the General By-Laws may be 
presented it shall be the duty of the committee to approve as germane 
those submitted and prepare copies for each member of the Executive 
Board. Special Committee Chairmen, and a sufficient number so that 
each Division President may send one to each chapter, also copies for 
chapters where there is no Division. 

8.05. CHILDREN OF THE CONFEDERACY. This committee shall 
consist of five members with the Third Vice President- General as 
chairman, its duties shall be to promote the work of trie Children's 

8.06. CONVENTION. This committee shall be composed of three mem- 
bers and shall arrange two years in advance, if" possible, for the place 
of the Annual Convention. In the event the convention shall be self- 
entertaining, the Convention Chairman shall serve as General Chair- 
man of the Convention. (Refer to Standing Rules). 

mittee shall be composed of five members whose duties shall be to 
promote individual, chapter, division and general leadership for the 
correct use of the flags. 

8.08. CREDENTIALS. This committee shall be composed of twelve 
members, three from the Convention city. It shall verify lists showing 
voting strength of the convention, shall register convention members 
and visitors and alternates, to whom shall be furnished suitable badges, 
and shall report daily during the convention. (Refer to 10.09-J, 11.08.) 

8.09. EDUCATION, This committee shall consist of five members. 
the Second Vice President- General being the chairman, The committee 
shall promote the education work of the organization, shall receive and 
award applications for scholarships, gift and loan, and shall be governed 
by the Rules for Scholarship Awards. 

8.10. FINANCE. This committee shall be composed of five members, 
women of recognized experience and business ability, whose appoint- 
ments shall be approved by the Executive Commmittee. 

The committee shall recommend the investment of funds, approve 
resolutions calling for donation of funds from the General Treasury, 
arrange for necessary insurance coverage, present an annual budget 
based on the proration of dues by the Convention; arrange for a Certi- 
fied Public Accountant in Richmond, Va., for the audit of books, bonds, 
notes and securities of the office of the Treasurer- General, and for 
the audit of the cash books of all other officers and chairmen receiving 
monies in the name of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The 
chairman shall present the auditor's report at the Annual Convention. 
(Refer 7.07.) 

The President- General, First Vice President-General, and Treas- 
urer-General shall be ex-officio members of this committee. (Refer 
Article X.) 

8.1 1. HISTORY. The Committee on History shall consist of Division His- 
torians with the Historian-General as Chairman. The duties of this Com- 
mittfie shall be to promote the interest of accurate and impartial history. 

8.12. JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY. This committee shall be com- 
posed of three members and a Director in each state through which 

the highway passes. The rmimiiRrr sli;il! wmk through governmental 
road building organizations to secure designation of the highway Crom 
coast to coast, linking Southern Capitols and towns. It shall place 
and maintain suitable markers. 

8.13. MAGAZINE. This committee shall consist of the Chairman, who 
shall serve as Business Manager and Managing Editor; an Editor-in- 
Chief, a Division News and Historical Editor. 

8.14. MEMORIAL. This committee shall consist of five members whose 
duties shall be to arrange for appropriate Memorial Services during 
Annual Convention and to prepare and present the Memorials to Con- 
federate Veterans, to Veterans of All "Wars, to Division Presidents and 

Special Memorials shall be given only to those who have served the 
General Organization. 

RELIEF FUND shall consist of three members whose duties shall be 
to receive and examine all applications of needy Confederate women 
and recommend the distribution of money contributed for this purpose, 
after the President-General has approved the applicant's paper. 

There shall be a Director in each Division and in each Chapter where 
there is no Division to promote work and contributions reporting same to 
General Chairman by Oct. 15. 

consisting of three members, shall arrange for the award from this 
Memorial fund. 

8.17. NEW BUSINESS, This Committee shall consist of five members and 
shall meet between sessions at each Annual Convention. All New Busi- 
ness must be submitted in writing to this Committee before it may be 
presented by the proponent on the floor of the Convention. This does 
not apply to recommendations in reports of officers. 

MITTEE shall be composed of five members whose duty shall be to 
organize new chapters and Divisions. 

8.19. POLICY COMMITTEE, composed of three Ex-Presidents-General, 
shall advise with the President-General on any matters of Policy which 
might arise during the interim between conventions. 

shall be composed of three members whose duties shall be to collect 
Confederate records for the Business Office and Memorial Building 

8.21. PRESS COMMITTEE shall be composed of three members whose 
duties shall be to see that widespread publicity is given to outstanding 
accomplishments of the organization and especially to arrange for 
publicity for General Conventions, 

8.22. RADIO AND TELEVISION. This Committee shall consist of three 
members whose duties shall be to encourage and promote the broad- 
casting of worthwhile programs. 

8.23. SOUTHERN LITERATURE. This committee shall consist of five 
members whose duties shall be to collect and send materials on Confed- 
erate and Southern History to foreign libraries, to U. S. college, uni- 
versity, state and local libraries, and to the Memorial Building Library. 

8.24. SOUTHERN POETS. This committee shall consist of three mem- 
bers whose duties shall be to promote interest in the lives and works 
of Southern poets. 



9.01. THIS ORGANIZATION shall be made up of Chapters and Divi- 
sions, the latter to be designated by the state or province in which it 
is located. Divisions shall be composed of three or more chapters. The 
chapters shall be named for people, places or events associated with 
the Confederate States of America. A newly organized chapter shall 
not take the same name as another within the same state or province, 

may be organized by seven or more eligible women residing in a city, 
town, county or place in a state or province, providing that the active 
officers and/or seven members are residents of the same section and 
that at least seven members are new by application. (A division may 
define "section" according to need.) 

Application for a charter shall be made through the Division 
President, submitting with the request satisfactory credentials of those 
wishing to become charter members. 

Four charter application blanks signed by the applicants and four 
typed copies of charter blanks, names alphabetically arranged, shall 
be returned to the Division President, together with three copies of 
each application for membership 1 or transfer, and the necessary fees 
and dues. (Refer to Article X). 

The Division President shall send one signed and one typed copy 
of charter application to the Recording Secretary -General, and to the 
Division Registrar she shall send the membership applications and 
transfers marked "Charter Member", together with three signed and 
three typed charter applications and fees and dues. 

The Division Registrar after recording same, shall send all papers 
and fees to the Registrar-General (Refer Article X,? 

"When the membership applications and transfers have been ap- 
proved, the Registrar-General shall send a list of the names, alphabeti- 
cally arranged, to the Recording Secretary- General who shall then 
issue the Charter, notifying the Registrar -General the chapter number. 
This number shall be placed on each charter application, membership 
application and transfer. 

The Registrar- General shall then return to the Division President 
one signed charter application for the Division Charter Book. She 
shall return to the Division Registrar two copies of charter application 
and two copies of all membership applications and transfers. 

The Division Registrar shall then forward one copy of charter 
application and one copy of each membership paper and transfer to the 
Chapter Registrar, filing the other copies, 

cedure shall be followed as outlined in 9.02 with the following ex- 
ceptions: Application for a charter shall be made to the President- 
General. Two copies of completed charter applications, membership 
papers and transfers shall he returned to the Chapter Registrar, these 
to be held in chapter until such time as a Division is organized. Chap- 
ters subsequently organized shall make application for a charter through 
the first chapter until a Division is organized. 

9.04. CHAPTERS MAY BE CHARTERED between December 1st 
and .September 20th. 

fl.flfj. FEES AND DUES for membership applications not approved 
shall be returned to the applicant. (Refer to 4.04, J 

0.OG. A DEFUNCT CHAPTER may be reinstated upon payment of one 
pear's back dues and the current year's dues on not less than sevetn 
registered members. 

!U)7. DUPLICATE CHARTER may be obtained by applying through 



the Division President to the Recording Secretary-General, accom- 
panying the request with the regular charter fee. (Refer to 10.01.) 

9.10. CHANGE OF NAME. Application for this shall be made through 
the Division President to the Recording Secretary-General, accom- 
panied by regular charter fee and a statement from the Executive 
Board of the chapter setting forth that the action was taken at a 
regular meeting of the chapter, that notice of intention to ask for 
a change of name and new charter had been given at the preceding 
meeting, and that seven persons had not voted against the proposal. 
(Refer to 10,01,) 

9.11, HOW TO ORGANIZE A DIVISION. When three or more chap- 
ters shall have been organized in a state v province or country, it may 
be the duty of the senior chapter to call a convention at a designated 
time and place for the purpose of organizing a Division. Should the 
senior chapter fail to call such a convention within six months after 
the organization of the third chapter, each succeeding chapter in order 
of organization shall have the duty to make the call until a Division is 

When a Convention is called it shall provide for the following: 
adoption of by-laws not in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation 
and the by-laws of the General Organization; the election of Division 
Officers; and plans for the holding of an Annual Convention. (8.04) 


10.01. CHARTER FEE for a chapter shall be $5.00. Divisions may set 
such additional fee as may be desired. 

10.02. FEES AND DUES FOR A NEW MEMBER through a chapter 
shall be $5.00, to include: Initiation, $2.50; Certificate, $1.00; General 
dues, $1.50. 

DREN OF THE CONFEDERACY shall be $2.50 to include: Certificate 
$1.00, General dues $1.50. 

10.04. ACTIVE MEMBERS DUES. On or before March 1st of each 
year, chapters shall send to the Treasurer-General through the Divi- 
sion Treasurer, or through chapter treasurer where there is no Divi- 
sion, the sum of $1.50 for each member with typed list, on approved 
blanks, of names of members on whom dues are paid. 


A. A member who has resigned in good standing may be rein- 
stated upon payment of current year's dues. 

B. A member dropped for non-payment of dues may be rein- 
stated upon payment of one year's back dues, the current year's dues 
plus a reinstatement fee of $1.00. (Refer to 4.08). 

10.06. FEES FOR SUPPLEMENTAL PAPERS shall be $3.50, (Initia- 
tion $2.50, Certificate $1.00). (Refer to 4.06). 

10.07. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS dues shall be set by the chapter. 


A. INVESTMENTS. Funds shall be invested in government se- 
curities only. 

in the same bank or banks as authorized for the current funds of the 
organization. The depository bank, as custodian, shall be required to give 
receipts in quadruplicate, one for each of the following: the President- 


General, the Recording Secretary-General, Treasurer-General and 
Finance Chairman. 

C. WITHDRAWALS of bonds or securities from bank custody 
shall .Jbe authorized by the President-General and countersigned by the 
Treasurer-General and Recording Secretary-General. 

TRANSFER OF FUNDS, all items recommended for appropriation 
and all resolutions involving the raising of money by the organization 
shall first be presented to the Finance Committee, and approved by the 
Executive Committee. The approved proposal shall be dated and signed 
by the Finance Committee, the President-General, Recording Secre- 
tary-General and Treasurer-General before the proponent may present 
same on the Convention floor. 

$5,000.00 or more, if such project requires a quota from the general 
membership, after approval by Finance and Executive Committees 
and the Annual Convention, shall then be submitted to Divisions and 
Chapters for ratification or rejection, and a majority vote of instructed 
delegates at the next Annual Convention shall be required for adoption. 

LOCATED AS FOLLOWS: General Fund 50c, Business Office 20c, 
Convention Fund 5c, Memorial Building Properties 75c. 

G. CONTRACTS made in the name of the United Daughters 
of the Confederacy shall be signed by the President-General, Record- 
ing Secretary^General and Treasurer- General. 


1. Gift scholarships shall be offered annually according to es- 
tablished values and rules adopted by the Convention from interest 
on the following endowment funds; Hector W. Church Foundation, 
S. A. Cunningham Memorial, Matthew Fontaine Maury Memorial, Mary 
B. Poppenheim Memorial, Mrs. L. H. Raines Memorial, Cornelia Branch 
Stone Memorial, Washington and Lee, Woodrow Wilson Memorial, 
Major Madison Bell, Winnie Davis Memorial (C of C), and from such 
other scholarship funds as may be available. 

2. Similarly, loan scholarships may be awarded from the following 
funds: Stonewall Jackson Memorial, May Roy McKinney,. Clarabelle 
J, McNeilan and such others as may be available. 

I. EXPENSES OF GENERAL OFFICERS. Transportation to and 
from the Annual Convention, hotel room and $5 per diem shall be 
provided for 6 working days plus days of travel. 

The President- General and the Third Vice President-General shall 
be provided similar expenses in order to attend the Annual Conven- 
tion of the Children of the Confederacy. 

Exclusive of the two conventions mentioned above, the President- 
General shall be provided annually through the budget with expenses 
for official trips, plus a discretionary fund of $100.00. 

J. CREDENTIAL CHAIRMAN shall be provided with hotel room 
and meals for 4 days during convention and the vice chairman shall 
be provided with meals for 4 days. 


11.0!. AN ANNUAL CONVENTION shall be held for the purpose of 
receiving reports from officers and committees; for the election of 
officers; for the promotion of plans to further the objectives of the 
organization and for any other business which may arise. 

II. OH. TIMH AND PLACE. The convention shall be held the second 
wrrl< in November of each year, unless otherwise ordered by two- 


university of Texas; 
.. ^ Austin J 

thirds vote of the Executive Committee which may be liikcn by mall. 
On election years the convent inn shall hr held in Ihe lu-ailqnurlevs 
city of Richmond, Virginia. 

11.03. MEMBERS OF CONVENTION are the General Officers, Ex- 
Presidents-General, Honorary Presidents of General, Division Presi- 
dents, Chairmen of Standing and Special Committees and duly elected 
delegates. Those possessing individual votes shall cast such votes in 
person. No member of convention may cast more than one personal vote. 

11.04. REPRESENTATION. Each chapter shall be entitled to one vote 
for the first seven members ,and one vote for each additional 25 mem- 
bers, all of whom must be in good standing. 

Chairmen of the delegation from Divisions (or Chapters where 
no Division) shall be entitled to cast the full vote of members in good 
standing on Roll Call. 

A chapter not represented by a delegate may name in writing as 
proxy any elected delegate from the same Division. Should a Division 
(or Chapter where no Division) have no representation at Convention, 
a written proxy may foe given a delegate from another state, but no 
delegate shall vote more than one proxy. 

11.05. CONVENTION CALL shall be authorized by the President- 
General and sent by the Recording Secretary -General to all members 
of the Convention and a sufficient number to Division Presidents for 
all chapters in their Divisions, also to Chapter Presidents where there 
is no Division. This shall be sent at least 35 days prior to the Conven- 

11.06. QUORUM. One third of the registered delegates shall con- 
stitute a quorum for the Annual Convention, provided that at least 
Seven Divisions shall be represented in that number. 

11.07. ROLL CALL VOTE. A majority vote is required when a roll 
call vote is demanded on a main motion. The chairman of delegates 
shall cast vote as instructed by the delegates present, provided the 
delegation has not previously been instructed in Division convention 
or meetings of chapters where there is no Division. Only duly elected 
delegates shall vote at a Division caucus at General Convention. 

11.08. REGISTRATION. The Credentials Committee shall be in charge 
of registration of convention members, alternates and visitors, and 
shall collect the registration fees, giving numbered receipts for same. 
(Refer to Convention Standing Rules). 

11.09. CONVENTION FUND. The registration fees and 5c per capita 
from the General dues shall be allocated for convention expenses. 
(Refer to Standing Rules.) 


12.01. A GENERAL MINUTE BOOK shall be published annually. Manu- 
script for same shall be delivered to the publisher by December 15th. 

12.02. CONTENTS. The Minute Book shall contain the following: Re- 
ports of all business transacted at the General Convention, report? from 
officers, chairmen of standing and special committees, Division Presi- 
dents, Chapter Presidents where no Division, auditors report, rosters of 
General, Division and Chapter officers and addresses, charter number, 
number of members, etc. (Refer to Standing Rules.) 

12.03. DISTRIBUTION. One copy of the General Minutes shall be sent 
without charge to the following: General Officers, General Chairmen, 
Division and Chapter Presidents, Ex-Presidents-General, Honorary 
Presidents of General, Library of Congress and to other libraries as 
deemed important. 



One bound copy (Red Morocco leather) and one unbound copy- 
shall be placed in Business Office for the permanent files. Extra copies 
for sale shall be sent to Business Office, price to be established by 
Finance Committee. 



FEDERACY shall be a reproduction of the Great Seal of the Confederate 
States of America, with the addition of the inscription "United Daugh- 
ters of the Confederacy" on the outer rim. Charters and other official 
documents issued by the General Organization shall bear the impress 
of the Great Seal of the Organization. 


14.01. THE INSIGNIA OR BADGES worn by the United Daughters of 
the Confederacy shall consist of a reproduction of the Confederate flag 
(Stars and Bars) in white, blue, and scarlet enamel, surrounded by a lau- 
rel wreath, with the monogram "U.D.C." under the flag, and the dates 
"61-65" on the loops of the bow that ties the wreath. This badge may be 
suspended from a bar to designate the State, and worn only over the 
left breast at the United Daughters of the Confederacy meetings and on 
such occasions as are worthy of its display. A specially enlarged and 
jeweled badge of this design, suspended from a bar having the words, 
President-General, shall be the insignia of that Office, and shall be the 
property of the Organization. 

14.02. The insignia, badge, or seal of the United Daughters of the Con- 
federacy shall be printed only upon such books and pamphlets as are for 
the use, or intended to be sold, for the benefit of this Organization. The 
use of the name, seal, or insignia of the United Daughters of the Con- 
federacy for business purposes, other than the business of this Organiza- 
tion, is especially prohibited. 

14.03. The use of the name, insignia, and badge of the United Daugh- 
ters of the Confederacy by an individual, Chapter, or Division during 
their period of suspension from membership in the Organization for any 
purpose is prohibited. Disregard of this provision of the Bylaws shall 
require the Executive Board to deprive the offending individual, Chapter, 
or Division from membership in the Organization. 


15.01. PATENTS ANT> COPYRIGHTS in the name of the United Daugh- 
ters of the Confederacy shall be procured for the protection of name and 
property. (Refer to 7.03, 8.02). 



It shall be strictly prohibited for Divisions, Chapters, or members 
to participate in political activities in the name of the United Daughters 
of the Confederacy. 

Furnishing the roster of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 
of a Division, or of a Chapter to another organization or to ah individual 
to be used for the purpose of creating interest in, or soliciting funds for 
other work than that of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, is 

posh Ively prohibited, 



17.01. ARBITRATION. In case of difference between Chapter and 
Division officers, or between individual members and Chapter and 

Division officers, which cannot be adjusted, first by ati appi-ul to l.lic 
Division President, and second by appeal to the President-General, these 
differences shall be referred to the Executive Committee for decision. 
This decision shall be final. Both sides of the controversy shall be pre- 
sented in writing, and in the hands of the President-General ten days 
before the Annual Convention. Any Division, Chapter, or individual 
failing to put into operation the decision of the Executive Committee 
within thirty days from the date of notification of said decision, shall be 
suspended from all rights and privileges granted by the United Daugh- 
ters of the Confederacy until formally reinstated by the Executive Com- 
mittee, and may be expelled or dissolved if, in the opinion of the Ex- 
ecutive Committee, such expulsion or dissolution is for the best interest 
of the Organization. Upon the action of the Executive Committee dis- 
solving a Division, the Chapters in such dissolved Divisions automatically 
become independent chapters directly under the supervision and con- 
trol of the general organization. 

17.02. DISCIPLINE. Members who shall engage in activities contrary to 
the best interests of the United Daughters of the Confederacy may be 
disciplined by chapters or divisions by requesting the resignation of 

such members. 


18.01. "Roberts' Rules of Order, Revised," shall be the parliamentary 
authority for this Organization. 



19.01. AMENDMENTS may be made to these by-laws by a two- 
thirds vote at the Annual Convention every two years dating from 
1934. (Refer to 11.07). 

Proposed amendments shall be signed by the proponent and sent 
to the By-Laws Chairman by July 1st. The chairman shall prepare the 
amendments in proper form for copies to be made and sent out at least 
35 days prior to the Convention to General Officers, Chairmen of Stand- 
ing and Special Committees, Ex-Presi dents- General, Honorary Presi- 
dents of General and a sufficient number to Division Presidents for 
each chapter, and to chapters where no division. 

Amendments adopted by the General Organization, affecting His- 
torical Proof of Eligibility and the requirements for membership shall 
automatically change such requirements in the by-laws of chapters 
and divisions. 

Amendments affecting Historical Proof of Eligibility shall auto- 
matically change such requirements in the by-laws of the Children of 
the Confederacy. 




1 At rhe first business session of the Annual Convention the President- 
General shall appoint the following committees to serve during the 
convention: Courtesy Committee (3 members) and Time keeper (3 

2 A Special Committee to serve during the convention shall be 
appointed by the President-General whose duty it shall be to co-operate 
with the Credentials Committee in collecting the registration fee, giving 
official receipt for same. 

3. The Credentials Chairman shall see that a numbered receipt book 
is provided for the use of this committee in recording payments of 
registration fee. 

4. All matters of new business shall first be presented to the Business 
Committee. All resolutions calling for an expenditure of money must 
first be approved by the Finance Committee. All motions made on the 
floor of the convention shall be in writing and shall be immediately 
handed to a page for delivery to the Recording Secretary-General. 

5. The New Business Committee shall meet thirty minutes before the 
opening of each morning session for the purpose of considering recom- 
mendations to be brought before the convention. This committee shall 
also meet the day before the opening of the Convention, the time to be 
announced in the Convention Call. The duties of the committee shall 
be to determine whether or not the matter being proposed is proper 
TL D. C. work and not in conflict with the purposes of the organization. 
Approval shall be given by the signature of the chairman on the written 
recommendation, which will permit the proponent to present the mat- 
ter to the Convention. Prior to each period set aside for Business, the 
Chairman of the committee shall make a statement of the recommenda- 
tions which have been approved, but it is not within the province of 
this committee to offer the recommendation unless specifically requested 
to do so by the proponent. 

6. The report of the Mrs. Norman V. Randolph Relief Fund Committee 
shall be hoard, and pledges taken for the Fund, on the morning of the 
second day of Business sessions. 

7. The report on Confederate Museum may be received as a Courtesy 
Report immediately following the reading of the last report under 
Standing Committees. 

8. The President-General shall make all committee appointments 
not later than December 15. 

9. Newly elected President-General shall be responsible for "General 
Instructions" and for all committee appointments for the minutes of the 
convention at which she is elected. 

10. The minutes of the Executive Committee and Board meetings 
shall be kept in permanent form for reference. 

11. Chairmen of all Committees shall plan their work immediately 
Following the Annual Convention and shall send communications to 
committee members and to Division Directors, not later than December 
in, Informing them of their duties. If it is necessary for the General 
ri'niirman to send letters to all Chapters in the Organization, "Division 
Presidents Shall be included, the first of these letters shall be sent not 
latei than December 10, so that information may be on hand for those 
Chapters who make out budgets and prepare Year books for January 



12. Each officei shall be required to keep a record booh of Bctlvitlei 

mid all titln-r iiwil.lrr* pertaining to the work nf her (U-piirtmcnJ, Llus I" 
be passed on to her successor immediately upon change of office, 

13 Outgoing officers shall report to the Business Office all office 
equipment, such as files, typewriter, stapler, etc., which she is shipping 
to her successor, giving the date of shipment. 

14. It shall be the duty of the chairman of the Properties Committee 
to receive and check out items sent for the annual convention. 

15 There shall be a vice-chairman of the Properties Committee, whose 
duty shall be to secure aid from two members of the local chapter in 
having supervision over properties of U. D. C, in the assembly hall o± 
the General Convention. 

16. Thirty days notice shall be given for the mid-year meeting of the 
Executive Board. 

17. Officers and Committee Chairmen may present their expense 
accounts every three months for payment, the statement to be accom- 
panied by receipted bills and made out on the accepted form furnished 
by the Business Office. 

18. No bills incurred by officers or committee chairmen for the 
current year will be approved unless presented within thirty (30) days 
following the Annual Convention. 

19. If funds are set for projects of either Standing or Special Commit- 
tees the expenses of the actual work of that committee shall be taken 
from that particular Fund. 

20. Any proposed withdrawal of funds from the Jefferson Davis His- 
torical Fund shall be submitted to the Executive Committee and to the 
Finance Committee. 

21 All per capita lists and dues shall be in the hands of Treasurer- 
General not later than July first, if said Division wishes representa- 
tion at the convention. 

22. Special Memorials, except those to Ex-Presidents-General or Gene- 
ral Officers.shall be limited to two hundred words. Memorials to Ex- 
Presidents- General and General Officers shall be limited to three hun- 
dred words. 

23. Those entitled to relief from the Mrs. Norman V. Randolph Relief 
Fund shall be the widows, sisters, and daughters of Confederate sol- 
diers, or women who gave aid to the Confederacy, who must be over 
65 years of age, 

24. No person shall receive aid who is cared for in a home for the 
aged or any similar institution. 

25. The Relief check due immediately following the death of a pension- 
er shall be sent to the family to help defray funeral expenses. 

26. The interim Executive Board Meeting shall be for business pur- 
poses only and shall be held at the Memorial Building. 

27. Officers shall be responsible for all organization property intrusted 
to them, and if lost, compensation shall be made in full. 


1. The second evening of Convention shall be set aside for hearing 
reports of the Division Presidents and for Chapter Presidents where 
no Division. The Vice-President-General shall preside. 


2. Presidents' Reports may be given by groups according to member- 
ship and arranged annually to give a change of position on the program 
on Presidents' Evening. 

A. Divisions over 3,000. Four minutes 

B. Divisions 2,000 to 3,000. Three and one-half minutes. 

C. Divisions 1,000 to 2,000. Three minutes. 

D. Divisions less than 1,000. Two minutes. 

E. Chapters where there are no Divisions. One minute, 

3. All Division and Chapter Reports where there are no Divisions 
shall be submitted to the Vice-President General, who shall in turn 
send them to the judges appointed by the President-General. These 
shall be returned to the Vice-President-General before the Convention. 
These reports shall "be in the hands of the Vice-President-General by 
October 15 for her to submit to the judges. The number of members in 
each Division shall be clearly written in the upper right hand corner of 
the first page of the report. 

4. Immediately upon the completion of the reading of the reports 
the judges shall announce the winners of the awards. 

5. Division Presidents and Presidents of Chapters where no Division 
shall mail triplicate, typed lists of newly elected officers, both Division 
and Chapter, to the Recording Secretary- General before November 1. 

6. Division Presidents and Presidents of Chapters where no Division 
shall mail triplicate, typed lists of Directors for General Committees to 
the Recording Secretary-General before November 1, having ascertained 
before making appointments that the members will serve. 

7. In the event a Division President or Chapter President where no 
Division, cannot attend the General Convention, she may appoint a mem- 
ber of her Chapter or Division to represent her at the Executive Board 
Meeting and to read the report on Presidents' Evening. Such a repre- 
sentative shall not have the privilege of casting the President's vote. 
In the event no delegate from a Division or Chapter is present at the 
General Convention, the report may compete for prizes, shall be print- 
ed in the minutes, but shall not be read. 

8. Each Division and Chapter where no Division shall be required to 
file a copy of the by-laws with the general chairman of the By-Laws 

9. Any project adopted by the General Organization in strict accor- 
dance with our By-Laws shall be supported by all Chapters and the 
Divisions shall be held responsible for the prorated amounts due from 
the Chapters in that Division. 

10. All per capita quotas shall be based on the membership of the 
Division, or Chapter, at the time of the adoption of the project. 

11. Division Treasurers shall send money every sixty (60) days to 
the Treasurer-General. All money raised through the Division for Gene- 
ral Organization projects shall be sent by the Division Treasurer to the 
Treasurer-General within sixty (60) days after the amount has been 
credited in the Division. 

12. Rosters of Division and Chapter Officers shall be made in tri- 
plicate and arranged alphabetically according to the Chapters in the 
Division and shall be sent to the Recording Secretary- General by the 
Division President, or Chapter President where no Division, by Novem- 
ber 1: I or they shall not be published. (Refer to 12,02.) 

IS, A duplicate list Of deceased Chapter members, alphabetically ar- 

■ iinr.i < I. shall be senl through the Division President, or by Chapter 

IV- i.|i nt wlirn' mi Division, In the General Memorial Chairman by 

. , i . .I < i. .Hi Tin- Mi'iinti'i;il Chairman shall compile these lists for 

tin i; (H'rilnjj '<rnl;iiv General, Cor publication in the Minutes. 



1. Offical badges shall be given to each person who pays the registra- 
tion fee. 

2 The local Chairman for the Annual Convention shall arrange spe- 
cial music for the Opening Evening Program upon the request of the 
President-General; for the Historical-Evening program upon the request 
of the Historian-General; and for Memorial Hour upon the request of 
the Chairman of that Committee. Music shall also be provided at other 
times on the program as decided by the Program Committee, especially 
with reference to devotionals and on such occasions as will call for a 
procesional, The local Chairman may name as many Vice-Chairmen as 
necessary in carrying out plans for the Convention, 

3. The following expenses shall be paid from the Convention Regis- 
tration fees: Official Program with extra printing of sheet for Histori- 
cal Evening, Delegates' badges, Ribbon for Chairman of Pages, Vice- 
Chairmen, and Pages, Transporting Flags and placards to and from 
Convention City, Expenses of Memorial Service, Expense of speakers, 
Parlimentarian, recorder, and Expenses of Credentials Chairman. 

4. A permanent record of the essential procedure to be followed by 
General Convention Chairmen in the preparation for General Conven- 
tions, based on the past records of procedures a guide for the Hostess 
Division, shall be kept and made available from one General Conven- 
tion Chairman to the next. 

5. The following shall be the Order of Business for Conventions of 
the United Daughters of the Confederacy, provided the last half hour 
of each business meeting shall be given to new business; 

1. Calling the Convention to Order. 

2. Prayer and Ritual of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. 

3. Pledge of Allegiance to United States Flag. 

4. Salute to Confederate Flag. 

5. Roll Call of Officers. 

6. Roll Call of States and Presentation of State Flags. 

7. Report of Committee on Credentials. 

8. Report of Program Committee. 

9. Report of Rules Committee. 

10. Report of President-General. 

11. Report of Vice-President-General. 

12. Report of Second Vice-President- General, 

13. Report of Third Vive-President-General. 

14. Report of Recording Secretary- General. 

15. Report of Finance Committee. 

16. Report of Treasurer-General. 

17. Report of Historian-General. 

18. Report of Registrar-General. 

19. Report of Recorder-General of Crosses of Service. 

20. Reports of Standing Committees. 

*21. Report of Confederate Museum in Richmond. 

22. Reports of Special Committees. 

23. Reports of Divisions, and Chapters in States and Territories hav- 
ing no Division, on evening of Second day of Convention. 

24. Election of Officers-Morning of final Day. 

25. Unfinished Business. 

26. New Business, 


27. Reading of Communications. 

28. Reading and Approval of Minutes of Current Meetings. 

29. Doxology. 

30. Adjournment. 

6, All matters of Convention business shall be confined to the Con- 
vention floor during periods when Business Sessions are scheduled. 

7, The General Chairman for the Annual Convention shall present 
an outline of program with contract from the most suitable hotel for 
approval at the Executive Board Meeting in March. She shall arrange 
for all necessary facilities. 

8, The Convention Program Chairman shall be a member of the local 
Convention Committee. 

9, The registration fee for Annual Convention shall be $2.00. (Refer 
to Rule 17). 


1. All reports shall be typewriter double spaced, on paper 8V 2 by 11 
inches and shall be in triplicate. Reports shall be printed in the minutes 
with details and statistics. Time alloted for reading of the report may 
be used for discussion and recommendations. 

2. Duplication of financial reports shall be from the minutes. These 
are given in the report of the Auditor. The figures listed in the reports 
of officers and committee chairmen may be read to the convention but 
not printed. 

3. Reports for printing in the General Minutes shall be limited as 
follows: General Officers, 900 words (except the President General and 
the Auditor's Report); General Chairmen, 750 words; Divisions of more 
than 3,000 members, 750 words; Divisions of 2,000 to 3,000, 600 words; 
divisions 1,000 to 2,000, 500 words; Divisions of less than 1,000 members, 
350 words; Chapters where no Division, 250 words. 


1. The number of votes by divisions, and chapters where no division, 
shall be written on the back of the respective ballot by the Credentials 
Committee in indelible pencil, or ink, before ballots are distributed. 

2. Three tellers, each from separate states not having a candidate for 
any office, shall be nominated and elected from the floor. No member 
may nominate more than one teller. 

3. Opposing candidates may each choose one watcher to be present 
during voting and counting of the votes. 

4. The Chairman of Tellers shall be chosen by the elected tellers to 
give the report on the floor of the results of the balloting. 

5. After the nomination of all candidates the candidates shall be pre- 
sented to the delegates in the order of their office, before the vote is cast. 


I. Pages are not required to pay the registration fee unless they are 
delegates and expect to have a voice in the proceedings. 

I. All iiwui'ds jiiven by the various departments of the organization 


shall be presented ininie,li:dely Mh.winj'. tin- rruiliuj: of the report* of 
the officer in charge of said department. 

2 The silver cups and trophies now used as awards shall be returned 
each year to the Convention and presented at the time winners are 

3 A complete list of all Trophies, with the winner of each for the 
current year, shall be kept by the Convention Trophies Committee. 

4. Each winner of a Trophy, or the member accepting it for her, shall 
sign the Permanent Record Book of Trophies, before receiving it. If the 
trophy is returned in person at the folowing General Convention she 
shall sign in the returned column of the Record Book. If the trophy is 
shipped, it shall be recorded, with the date of receipt. 

5. The Convention Trophies Chairman shall send a letter to each win- 
ner holding a trophy, 30 days prior to the General Convention, giving 
delivery instructions, If the Trophy is shipped, it shall be by insured, 
parcel post, not less than 2 weeks before Convention, with a Post Office 
Return Receipt requested. 

6. Each Officer and Chairman in whose department Trophies are of- 
fered, must give a list of her winners to the Chairman of Convention 
Trophies Committee before the close of the Convention, 

7 The Chairman of the Convention Trophies Committee shall furnish 
a list of trophies, with the current winner of each, to the Recording 
Secretary for the General Minutes. 

S. Citations of Merit shall be given for outstanding work and those 
cups and other silver trophies now in use shall be retired as soon as the 
space left for engraving has been filled on each one. 

9 Each officer shall keep a list of the winners of those prizes in her 
department and shall notify the holder of the name and address of the 
person to whom the award shall be shipped. 

10. All officers who have Prize Awards shall have this list ready to be 
submitted at the Annual Convention for printing in the minutes of that 
Convention. Newly elected officer may have ten days following the 
Convention to add any prizes she wishes to the list prepared by her 

11. Only one list of prizes shall be printed in the minutes, said list to 
include names of winners for the current year. 

12. No prize shall be listed in the minutes for which a check has not 
been received by the Treasurer-General. 


The birthdays of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States 
(June 3), Robert E. Lee, Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate Army 
(January 19), Raphael Semmes, Rear Admiral of the Confederate States 
Navy (September 27), Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury (January 
14), Admiral Franklin Buchanan (September 17), Thomas J. (Stonewall) 
Jackson (January 21), and Memorial Day. 


1. The Organization shall annually place wreaths at the Lee Statue 
in Statuary Hall, United States Capitol on January 19th; on the Jefferson 
Davis Statue in Statuary Hall on June 3rd; on the Tomb of the Unknown 
Soldier at Arlington on Armistice Day and at the Confederate Monument, 
Arlington National Cemetery, on Confederate Memorial Day. 


2. The die used in engraving the insignia of the United Daughters of 
the Confederacy shall be kept in the Business Office and lent only 
upon the written permission of the President-General. 

3. Membership cards designed for the official use of the United Daugh- 
ters of the Confederacy shall be used as receipts and a means of idenifca- 

4. No person is eligible to U. D. C. membership on service record of 
any man who took the Oath of Allegiance prior to April 9, 1865. 

5. The insignia of the United Daughters of the Confederacy shall be 
placed at the top of the cover of any book, pamphlet, program, etc. 

6. No gifts of furnishings, books, or materials shall be accepted for 
Memorial Building with restrictions as to the use thereof.